MacGen Power Generation Ltd.

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MacGen Powering Farms Across Ireland

With the National Grid issuing power supply alerts across Ireland this Winter and the cost-of-living crisis taking its toll, it comes as no surprise that home owners, farmers and business owners across Ireland are investing in backup power generators.

Cheaper to run and easy to maintain, generators are in high demand as Irish farmers prepare for what could otherwise be an expensive and disruptive season.  

When asked about the benefits of investing in backup power, MacGen Operations Manager Brian Donaghy said, “Backup power is becoming essential within the farming community in Ireland and we have been working hard to ensure that farmers across the country do not leave themselves open to long term outages and financial losses this winter. Our team travel the length and breadth of the country, selling, installing and servicing machines to ensure our customers receive the best kit and an even better level of aftersales service.”

Since Storm Ophelia in 2017, farmers have become more aware of the many reasons why a PTO generator could save money and minimise the worry and stress caused by an impending storm or scheduled power outage by suppliers like ESB Networks. 

Speaking on the issue of outages this Winter, Brian continued, “Power outages can be dangerous, expensive and extremely inconvenient, particularly if you are powering a milking parlour. That’s why our MacGen PTO generators are an essential component to any farm. They are the safety net that dairy farmers need to ensure they do not suffer financial loss this Winter.”

So why invest in a PTO generator? A generator is basically an engine and an alternator. If you have a tractor, you already have a powerful engine ready to be connected to your driveshaft. You’re simply missing the alternator to convert the engine power into electricity. That’s why a ‘Power Take Off’ (PTO) generator is the perfect solution for portable power on or around a farm. You can power a milking parlour during an outage or operate power tools far from distant utility poles. You can even use a manual transfer switch to restore power to a house, barn or building. Macgen PTO generators also come complete with removable 3-point linkage and bolt-down slots for fixed operation.

With backup power in high demand, don’t wait until it is too late. Order a MacGen Power Generation PTO Generator via your local Dairygold Coop or representative who can advise you on the size and specification required in order to future-proof your farm.