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Our MacGen Load Banks are currently used in a range of applications, from temperature control in enormous data centres, to back up generator testing.

Load banks are widely used in many crucial fields, including telecommunications, manufacturing and engineering, financial systems, hotels, construction, highway maintenance, commercial building, airports and hospitals. The MacGen Load Bank range of products are manufactured to ISO 9001-2008 quality standards and are CE certified. Our rigorous manufacturing process, control, strict product inspecting procedure as well as stringent materials and component purchasing procedures ensure that MacGen’s Load Bank range is both durable and reliable.

What Is A Load Bank?

A load bank is a device that generates a prescribed amount of electricity draw to test the reliability of electrical switching, generator output, uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems and cooling in a data centre.

Why would I need a Load Bank?

Generator Testing

Load banks are often employed to test backup generators in different load conditions, ensuring they can handle the expected power demands during emergencies or power outages.

Battery Testing

Load banks are employed to test batteries in UPS systems, telecommunications, and renewable energy installations, verifying their capacity and assessing the need for maintenance or replacement.

Industrial Applications

Load banks are deployed in manufacturing facilities and industrial plants to test and commission power distribution systems, generators, and substations.

Data Centres

Load banks are essential for commissioning and maintaining data centre backup power systems, including generators and UPS systems, to validate their readiness to handle power disruptions.

Aerospace & Defence

Load banks are used to test aircraft and military vehicle power systems to ensure they can handle various electrical loads and demanding scenarios.

Renewable Energy

Load banks are used to test and evaluate the performance of renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines and solar power installations.

Power System Testing

Load banks are used to simulate real-world electrical loads on power systems, allowing engineers to analyse the performance and efficiency of the system under different conditions.

Marine Applications

Load banks are utilized to test and maintain generators and electrical systems on ships and offshore platforms, where reliable power is critical for safety and operation.

Rental and Sales

Load banks are often rented or sold by equipment providers to clients who need temporary load testing for their power systems.